Trust Adept Plumbing and Gas for Your Blocked Drains in Logan, Rochedale South, Shailer Park, Crestmead, Regents Park and Beenleigh

If you have a blocked drain in Logan, Shailer Park, Crestmead, Rochedale South, Beenleigh or Regents Park, then Adept Plumbing and Gas can help. Not only have we been a plumber that customers can trust since we first established in 2009, but we have also become the plumber that other plumbers call when they have a seemingly unresolvable situation. In short, there is no drain block too severe for us to handle.

In addition to being adept at clearing blocked drains in Shailer Park and Crestmead, we at Adept Plumbing and Gas also provide extremely timely service. Our ultimate goal is to keep customers—both new and old—happy, and we do that by providing the emergency plumbing and after hours plumbing services that other companies don't. Sometimes, plumbing issues just can't wait until morning or after the weekend, and when you find yourself in such a situation, we hope you will remember to give us a call!

State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Adept Plumbing and Gas, our specialists always travel with the most state-of-the-art plumbing equipment. Our goal is to clear a blocked drain in a single visit, and that means bringing out the big guns. Our drain cleaning apparatus is a sewer jet compressor that uses high pressure (5000PSI) to blast the blockage in your drain. Whether your drain is being stopped up by grease, silt, hair or other debris, our jet system can flush out the pipes so that your drain works perfectly again.

Other plumbing companies that clear blocked drains in Crestmead or blocked drains in Beenleigh often use electro-mechanical systems to clear out blockages. These systems do work, but they often take a long time to get the job done and can actual damage your drain or your piping in the process. The sewer jet compressor system that Adept Plumbing and Gas uses is not only faster, but also clears your drains without damaging them. In other words, our services have more value in the long run than those of our competitors.

Camera Checks of Blocked Drains in Regents Park, Rochedale South and Beyond

Furthermore, we also provide peace of mind that your blocked drains in Rochedale South or Shailer Park are actually cleared. Too often, customers pay for drain clearing services only to find that their drains are slow or non-functional just a few months later. Using CCTV cameras, we are able to get actual colour footage of your drains, so show you that they have indeed been cleared in a satisfactory manner.

In fact, our CCTV service can even be applied to drains that we have not cleared yet. Often, home buyers will hire us to check the status of drains in homes they are considering for purchase. Blocked drains are something that can go overlooked in a typical pre-purchase inspection, but you don't want to buy a home with non-functional drains. Bring in Adept Plumbing and Gas to avoid this common pitfall.