Blocked Drains Brisbane

Blocked Drains in Brisbane are a common problem more so this year than past years because of the ground movement caused by the heavy rains and flooding of last summer. It can take weeks or even months for these blockages to manifest as problems but when they do, we want them taken care of as quickly as possible. Adept Plumbing and Gas is available around the clock just for emergencies like Blocked Drains in Brisbane.

Some common causes of Blocked Drains in Brisbane are tree roots entering the pipes through cracks in the joints or breaks in the pipe walls, shifting pipes which no longer allow the water to freely flow, debris build-up and blockages from odd items like deodorant containers or hair brushes being accidentally flushed down the toilet. Whatever the cause, Adept Plumbing and Gas will locate the blockage and fix the problem in no time at all.

Adept Plumbing and Gas is as Aussie as it gets. We are a family owned and operated plumbing service that cares for the greater Brisbane and Logan areas, providing professional plumbing, gas fitting, drainage maintenance and service work at affordable pricing. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and to that end we proudly provide the following services:

Our staff is reliable, our work exceptional. If you need Blocked Drains in the Brisbane area looked at and fixed give us a call on 18004ADEPT any time, day or night.

Blocked Drains in Brisbane? No worries. Adept Plumbing and Gas is only a phone call away.

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