Hydrotherm Heat Pumps

We recently replaced our hot water system with a Hydrotherm heat pump and are so happy with it we thought we would share some information on this wonderful product. This is the most economical heat pump on the market and you can purchase one direct from our supplier, using our unique partner code to receive further discounts. But first things first, lets learn about these heat pumps.

Why did we choose Hydrotherm? We love searching for a greener solution for our home, to both save money and help look after our environment. With a very high efficiency rating, Hydrotherm report that it is possible to save up to 68% off your electricity bills.

Some great features to note are:

  • The large integrated 275L tank provides enough hot water for 6 people.
  • It features an interactive controller, to personalise your settings to ensure the service is working at maximum efficiency.
  • It comes with a warranty and after sales service.
  • These hot water systems are strong and will last with external and internal marine grade stainless steel. And we think they look pretty stylish too.

What is a heat pump, how do they work and why are they so energy efficient?

A heat pump uses renewable energy, absorbing heat from the surrounding air to heat your water without the need for solar panels, batteries and inverters. Also referred to as ‘air-source heat pumps’, these systems are more efficient than conventional water heaters despite operating using electricity. They can save money and energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How do heat pump hot water systems work?

A heat pump system works by using a heat exchange system.

  • Outside air is pulled into the heat pump with a fan into the evaporator which contains a special refrigerant stored in the piping.
  • The warm air turns the refrigerant from liquid to gas.
  • A compressor pumps the refrigerant gas through a valve which compresses it. The result of this process is heat generation.
  • A heat exchanger moves the heat from the gas pipes to a water storage tank.

If you install a heat pump at your property, you will have purchased an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly product. These are easy to install and connect to your existing hot water plumbing.

If this sounds like a product you would be interested in, call Matt on 0425 706 949 to discuss further.