Toilet Anatomy and Common Problems

There is nothing worse than a leaking toilet for making a trip to the bathroom unpleasant, or a faulty flush for keeping toilets at the forefront of your mind when you would rather be thinking about something else!

If your toilet has a leak or a faulty flush, it will usually be down to one of the below parts needing fixing or replacing.


Fill valveAdept Plumbing & Gas - Toilet Anatomy and Common Problems

To get the toilet bowl and tank to refill to the right levels after flushing, a toilet fill valve is required. The fill valve lets the water into the tank and then closes off at the appropriate moment.

Common Problems

  1. A slow to fill tank, or tank not filling up
  2. A constantly running toilet, meaning the fill valve isn’t closing off and stopping the incoming water flow.

Flush valves

These release the water from the tank to the bowl during a flush.

Common problems

  1. Constantly running toilet
  2. A build-up of mineral deposits which restrict water from flowing into toilet bowl

Flush valve washer (flapper)

Being the leading cause of leaking or running toilets, these provide a seal for the flush valve and control the volume of water released into the bowl

Common problems

  1. Constantly running toilet
  2. Toilet intermittently refilling – meaning that the toilet is losing water internally or externally or the valve is opening from time to time

Braided hoses

These connect the toilet to your home’s water supply.

Common problems

  1. Faulty seal causing external leaks
  2. Overtightening leading to potentially extensive flooding
  3. Poor quality product installed. Adept Plumbing can supply and install burst proof braided hoses

Toilet seals

These seal the toilet to the floor, where the toilet water will flush down the drain.

Common problems

  1. Seal broken or cracked, causing external leakage around base of toilet

Rubber Flush Cone

This seals the flush pipe to the toilet pan.

Common problems

  1. These can also cause leakages as the rubber can perish over time
  2. A lack of proper seal caused by a faulty pan

Pan Connector

This connects the ceramic toilet pan to the PVC drain

Common problems

  1. This also relies on a rubber seal, which can allow foul odours to escape if it is perished
  2. Incorrect application of off-set pan connector can cause blockages, as these fittings restrict the flow of waste

If you are having an issue with any of the above toilet parts, Adept Plumbing and Gas are able to help. Give us a call on 0425 706 949.