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Hiring a Kingston Plumber

A plumbing emergency in your home or business can be a very stressful time because it happens at the worst possible times. 

Having a Kingston professional plumber on call is the best way to ensure that the damage is repaired in a timely manner. Our professional plumbers are on call day or night to make certain when you need a specialist in the Kingston area, that we provide you exceptional service each and every time. Our team have extensive knowledge in all areas of plumbing repair, and we back our services with a guarantee that is unrivaled in the industry.

Adept Plumbing and Gas can perform a number of different types of repairs in your home or business. 

We have many years experience with hot water heaters, clogged pipes, and tree roots damaging outside drains. Those roots can compromise the strength of the pipes and cause waste to either back up into the home or business, or leak into the property. We have the tools to be able to look inside the pipes without having to dig trenches all over the property, and then can perform a pipe lining that will repair the damage and make the pipes even stronger than they were before the emergency. 

Adept Plumbing and Gas professionals are on call to keep your home and business running without issues.

Plumber Kingston services:

  • Pipe Cameras for Identifying Tree Root Blockages
  • Inspect Drains/ Unclog Blockages
  • Testing Backflow Prevention Device 
  • Check Pipes for Leaks
  • Install Water Heaters
  • Install Toilets
  • Provide Guaranteed Emergency Service
  • Professional Workmanship

While we have a vast knowledge of plumbing repair in the Kingston region, we take extreme pride in making certain that the needs of the customer always come first. Our team is trained to help you to find solutions to your problems in a timely manner, and offer you professional advice when we see any additional areas of concern. We also take pride in each and every job that we do, and we back it with a guarantee when the job has been completed. When it comes to plumber Kingston services, we strive to put your needs above all else.

Whether you have a plumbing emergency, would like a new toilet or hot water heater installed, or you want one of our team members to come to your establishment and provide preventative maintenance on an existing system, we are here ready to assist. 

Give us a call today and we will gladly set up a free appointment.