A Gas Emergency in your Beenleigh Home is No Joke — Call for a Plumber from Adept Plumbing and Gas Right Away

The power of gas is incredible — that's why we use it in so many applications. It's efficient, relatively clean burning, and useful for many different situations, such as heating hot water or cooking on a stove. Your home may even use natural gas as a source for heating in the cooler months of the year. While these appliances are excellent, they all will eventually need maintenance and may even suffer from breakdowns. When a gas appliance develops a fault, it's possible for a leak to begin. A gas leak is a dangerous situation.

The more a gas pocket develops from a leak, the larger the chance that something will provide an ignition source — such as a spark from a light switch being flipped on. That can lead to disaster, such as a massive explosion. Dealing with a potential leak or a gas appliance that no longer works properly should be left to an experienced gas plumber. Beenleigh can rely upon Adept Plumbing and Gas in this arena. (Remember, though, in the event of a gas fire or related hazard, evacuate your home immediately and dial 000 for emergency services straight away.) Let's take a closer look at why you should call us when you need an emergency plumber in Beenleigh.

Three reasons to choose us as your gas plumber in Beenleigh

  1. We pride ourselves on a rapid response. When we get the call to come to your home, we show up on time. For emergency service, we can often arrive in just an hour after you call, no matter the time, day or night. That's peace of mind.
  2. Adept Plumbing and Gas uses high quality fittings and materials on every job. In other words, our materials are made to stand the test of time. Once we repair or install something for you, you shouldn't need to call us back for another visit right away. We'll make sure it works.
  3. Our team is friendly and interested in helping you. Whether it's an emergency call or basic plumbing needs, we're happy to chat, inform you on our progress, and make you feel like you have a friend who is also handy with pipes. We want our service to make you smile — both in terms of results as well as customer service.

We look forward to working with you — call now

With all that in mind, choosing a plumber in Beenleigh should be easy. Adept Plumbing and Gas the experience, the tools, the training, and the crew to tackle even the toughest plumbing problems in your home. Our round the clock availability — and the fact that we often arrive within an hour of emergency calls — means that you can count on our team to keep your home safe and in good working order. Should you ever feel concerned about the state of your home's gas piping and systems, let us know. We'll send a plumber to look, and always provide quotes free of charge. Contact us on info@adeptplumbingandgas.com.au or place a free call now on 1800 423 378 to book.