Plumber, commercial and residential

Servicing: South Brisbane, Logan and Northern Gold Coast. We offer Prompt, Reliable & Honest service – 20+ years experience.

Plumber near me

We can service all of your plumbing needs from leaking taps and toilets to dish washer installation, waste disposal, toilet upgrades. blocked drains and bathroom/kitchen installations. We've over 20 years of experience and service from Brisbane, through Logan and the Northern Gold Coast with plumbing and gas services. If you have a plumbing emergency, you can contact us straight away. Or if your plumbing requirements aren't urgent you can call us for a quote, or email us from the link above.


We supply and install gas materials, valves, regulators etc for new installations. We are experienced in providing clients with the service and installation of complete Gas systems and gas related products in the residential, commercial and Industrial areas.

Leak Detection

Leaks can create massive damage to your house. If not repaired promptly, water damage can ruin ceilings, walls, septic systems, concrete slabs and much more. We use acoustic detection methods to quickly identify where your leak is. Once detected and we’ve analysed your site we can quickly discuss a solution to fix your leak, preventing long term damage to your house.