Adept Plumbing and Gas: Expert Water Leak Detection in Logan, Rochedale South, Shailer Park, Crestmead, Regents Park and Beenleigh

By using the latest and most cutting edge leak detection methods and equipment, we at Adept Plumbing and Gas are able to quickly and efficiently find and fix your water line leaks. We have been operating since 2009, and in that time, we have provided leak detection services from Logan to Shailer Park to Beenleigh and beyond. Our team uses acoustic detection to locate leaks in the cleanest and quickest way possible. Once the leak is found, we provide competitive service quotes to handle the problem. Quite simply, fixing a water leak has never been as easy as it is with Adept Plumbing and Gas.

How to Know If You Have a Leak

At Adept Plumbing and Gas, we don’t want our customers to waste time and money on a leak detection service in Rochedale South or Regents Park if they don't actually have a leak. We care about our customers and their time. With that in mind, when a customer calls us with suspicions of a leak in their water line, we always advise them to run a 'self-test' to make sure that our services are actually needed. This self-test is easy and requires little more from the customer than writing down a few numbers and setting a timer.

So how can you know if you do indeed have a water line leak on your property? It all starts with the water meter. Water meter locations can vary depending on the house, but most are either fitted to the side of your house or embedded into your front footpath or driveway. Take a pen and a pad of paper out to the water meter and write down all of the numbers on your water meter. For most water meter assessments, you will not need to worry much about the red numbers on the meter; for the purposes of this test, though, the red numbers—which track fractions of a cubic metre—are as important as the black and white numbers—which track the full cubic metres of water you have used.

Now, leave the water meter alone and set a 30-minute timer on your watch or phone. During this half hour, make a point of not using any water in the home: no washing your hands, no getting water out of the faucet, no flushing the toilet, etc. At the end of the 30 minutes, so long as you have not used any water, you should be able to return to the water meter and read the same numbers that you wrote down earlier.

If the numbers on your water meter have changed, then you do have a leak, and it's time to set up a leak detection appointment in Shailer Park, Crestmeed or Beenleigh.